Machinery / Tools And Plant List

Sr. No.  DescriptionQuantitySr. No.  DescriptionQuantity
1Spanner Set Complete528Hammer 1 kg4
2Allen Key Set Complete (Standard)529Baby Grinder8
3Allen Key Set Complete (Star)830Thimble Press (300mm4
4Multimeter or Clamp Meter Digital231Drill Machine Hilti4
5Screw Driver (Large size 8”)432Measuring Tapes (5 Meter)12
6Screw Driver (Small Size 4”)433Punch Set3
7Screw Driver (Large size 8”)434Sheet Cutting1
8Star Screw Driver (Small Size 4”)435Chisel Set3
9Plier Set Complete (Long Nose, Diagonal, Combination)4  36Welding Plant Set3
10Cable Cutter Normal Size 6”237Lock Farmer1
11Cable Cutter Size 12”238Binding Machine1
12Cable Knife839Threading Machine2
13Square Set Complete440Auto Level Set5
14Star Set Complete241Compressor1
15Taster2442Aluminum Leaders4
16Pipe Wrench 24”643Bench Vice2
17Pipe Wrench 36”844Flow Meter2
18Adjustable Wrench 12”645Lux Meter2
19Adjustable Wrench 18”546Blower3
20Steel Chaabi Set Complete up to547Concrete Breaker2
21Spanner Set Complete up to 36mm248Crimping Tool6
22Tool Box Small449Safety Equipment’sLot
23Tool Box Large450Earthing Resistance2
24Hand Hexa Frame451CFM Flow Meter4
25Hand Hexa Blade852Krone Punching Tool3
26Core Cutting Machine253TDF Advance &1
27Line 3/5 Advance(Automatic Duct Machine)0154Argon’s Welding Set1

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